In a world filled with mundane design, I am here to save the day. I fight hard against the tyranny of quick thoughtless production and strive to maintain a quality and appeal to my work rarely valued in today's business society.

Pause and a punch. That is my approach. I keep things clean and simple, but before the viewer realizes it... POW! I hook them with some elemental spark that grabs their attention and makes them smile.

I sometimes feel like a superhero. I even have the inconspicuous job, being a mild-mannered in-house designer at a door company. Though the subject matter of doors seems innocent enough... ZAP! I grab the attention of thousands as my design work gets distributed nationwide.

You can view some of my current work using the portfolio links below. Print, web, illustration... BAM! I can tackle it all.

I am always on patrol for where I might be needed next. If you are interested please email or call. I'll be on the lookout!